Mollo, Indonesia


Naususu-Mollo, West timor, indonesia

Help us protect a community by building the next climbing mecca.

After the indigenous people prevented marble miners from destroying their sacred limestone mountains they began searching for way to protect them forever. Last summer we visited Mollo to learn about the community and lay the groundwork for a sustainable ecotourism business: a pay-to-play climbing mecca.

Working with local non-profits, we plan to return in 2019 to establish the new climbing area, which will be owned and operated by the Mollo community and provide a steady source of revenue without exploiting the land.

So uh...

What does it take to build a crag?

While we have big ambitions, most of our work will be tactical. We aim to bring a crew of 16-20 professional climbers, bolters, carpenters, and trail builders to Mollo and spend 2 weeks developing the climbing area. We'll rent 4x4s and purchase building supplies in Kupang and then drive 4 hours into the mountains to Mollo.

Weather permitting we will work around the clock. The rock pillars that surround the community have the potential for hundreds of world-class routes. We aim to establish 50 or more, connect them with a solid trail network, and construct a pair of bunk houses. Watch the video below to learn more about Mollo.

You might ask

Why remote Indonesia?

The community in Mollo lives simply, and primarily off the land. Most meals consist of rice and steamed vegetables. Few include a protein, like chicken. Yet, the people are some of the most giving you’ll ever find. The town center is full of music, dance, and color. The energy in Mollo is palpable. 

The community, led by Mama Aleta, fought off the first advance of marble miners with a 3-year sit-in at multiple mining sites. This type of activism took smarts and ingenuity. For her efforts, Mama Aleta won the Goldman Peace Prize. She now represents Mollo in the state parliament while staying active in the community. She has welcomed us back for a second trip and is excited about what we can do together.

The devastation of marble mining, just 30 minutes from Mollo.

The devastation of marble mining, just 30 minutes from Mollo.